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Brooke Sara Rosado, Miami, Fla.

My dream is to enjoy a happy retirement and travel the world. Travel and photography is my passion, and my goal is to retire early enough in life so that I may enjoy many years of leisure around the world.

Felipe Santiago, Chicago, Ill.

My goal is to build my credit with American Airlines Credit Union, buy a home for my family and travel around the world.

Jeanette Sykes, Sunny Isles, Fla.

Although my job offers me the opportunity to travel and experience the culture and history of many countries, my dream has been to visit New Zealand, with its green countryside and warm people.
     I know this dream is not impossible with American Airlines Credit Union at my side. The Credit Union has allowed me to fulfill many other dreams, including buying an updated car (something I had not done in years), paying off debt and covering unexpected debts with fast cash loans.
     Kudos to the staff of the Miami International Airport branch, who have earned my loyalty and respect. Employees such as Ariel Colon always make me feel like family.

Daerlyn Marrero Castro, Miami, Fla.

My primary goal in my life is to set up my own business and be able to travel to Europe and the world.

Trinidad Zepeda, Chicago, Ill.

Since I became a member, I was able to open and restart my financial path to savings for the future. I was able to pay off my past debt and go on a very relaxful vacation with the family that the kids enjoyed and still talk about it to this day. I have recommended a lot of friends and coworkers come and open accounts with the Credit Union so that they can continue to receive the benefits that I have been getting since i joined.

Giovanni R. Gonzalez, Bensenville, Ill.

I have reached one of my goals by being a member of American Airlines Federal Credit Union. I finally got to take my son on vacation for the first time in eight years. The Credit Union helped me by showing me how to save money and by offering classes, like credit counseling, etc.
     I took my son to Wisconsin Dells, “The Water Park Capital of the World.” He loved it so much! The look on my son’s face was priceless when we arrived. After spending two days and nights there, he was the happiest little boy I’ve ever seen. That was worth every penny I saved.
     “This is the best vacation ever,” he told me as we were packing and leaving. I have one more goal and that is to finally be able to buy a home. I’m working on it with the help of the Credit Union staff.

John A. Mast

I am a new member of American Airlines Federal Credit Union, but I've seen how my wife, Luisa Guevara, has been able to support her children as a single mother, with the financial support of the Credit Union. She put her son through private college education and was able to have a manageable mortgage loan. Her home equity line of credit provided for the remodeling and renting of second unit which made possible for her to keep the property. I am about to discover the financial possibilities inside the Credit Union!

Abigail Finkenauer

Abigail Finkenauer

American Airlines Credit Union has had an enormous impact on my life and will continue to do so in my future. In my family of five, we are constantly on the move, so our cars are crucial to keep everything flowing smoothly. Whether we are driving to a soccer practice or to the airport, our cars have played a huge role in our lives. It would not be possible for us to own these cars if it was not for the Credit Union's affordable rates on auto loans.

Another huge aspect of my life involves sailing. I could sail before I could walk and I spend two months of every summer dedicated to racing and teaching sailing. When I was in fifth grade, my parents were able to buy a 27-foot Catalina boat thanks to the Credit Union. Some of my best memories involve day-long sailing trips or overnight stays. Sailing is not just a hobby for me,  it has transformed into a way of life.

Words cannot describe how excited I am for the next few years because college is a new chapter of my life. Knowing that the Credit Union can aid me with my finances, just as they have done for my childhood, is very reassuring.

Danielle Dever

Danielle Dever

About a year ago, I opened a checking account with American Airlines Federal Credit Union. I had always had a savings account with a local bank, but I was interested in the difference between banks and credit unions. After reading a few articles, I discovered several benefits associated with credit unions. Since opening my account, I have been extremely satisfied with my choice to become a member of the American Airlines Credit Union.

Joining this organization has enriched my life through financial education and experience. Having a debit card has exposed me to the temptations associated with a cash-free world. The swipe of a card can be very addicting. I feel fortunate to have realized this threat with a debit rather than a credit card. My checking account has trained me to spend only the money I have. I am confident that when I do have a credit card, I will be able to avoid debt by spending only that which I can repay. I have also learned the responsibilities of tracking my money, awareness of income and expenses and budgeting.

In the future, I look forward to using the Credit Union as a valuable resource. Their commitment to serving members as a nonprofit organization will prove to be extremely helpful as I move into the next chapter of my life. When I graduate from college it will be comforting to know that American Airlines Credit Union will be there as a resource for retirement savings, investing and insurance. Becoming financially independent from one’s parents is a monumental step. I am grateful that when that time comes, I will have the Credit Union as a partner in my financial success as an adult.

Marissa Emery

Marisa Emery

Most kids dream about riding on dinosaurs, or becoming a princess, but I have always had a different type of mindset. The most constant and influential aspiration that I have been determined to accomplish since I could walk, is to go to college. Unfortunately, I was not born into a family with the security of being wealthy. My single mother has the difficult job of supporting my brother, my grandmother and myself. I worked with full effort to maintain a 4.2 GPA throughout high school and even with great grades, it was still going to be nearly impossible to be able to actually afford college.

When I became a member of American Airlines Credit Union, I began to have a little hope. By having lower interest rates, I will be able to take out a loan for my education, and my dreams of going to college are now closer to coming true.American Airlines Credit Union treats me like I matter, because I do. I know that I am going to make a huge impact on the world, and only I have this opportunity to thank. Now I will be able to afford college and medical school: My dreams are so close to being fulfilled because of American Airlines Credit Union. I may not be a princess, but the Credit Union is definitely my knight in shining armor.

Kevin Kopetz

Kevin Kopetz

American Airlines Credit Union has been highly impactful on my life in two distinct ways. First, the Credit Union provided me the opportunity to take my financial welfare into my own hands. As a young person transitioning from being completely dependent of his parents to a self-reliant adult, it can be overwhelmingly challenging at times to address my own financial needs and figure out things for myself. Yet I know that this will be a vital part of my life if I am to be successful in the ways that I want to be. Having my own account with the Credit Union allowed me to take on some of my own financial responsibility. Through my Credit Union membership and scholarship opportunities, I am gaining irreplaceable experience with managing my own personal financial welfare and with planning for the future. The Credit Union’s personal structure has allowed me to take part in my financial life in a way that I would not be able to otherwise.

In addition to gaining highly important, practical experience with the Credit Union, being a member has also been essential in accomplishing my goals, including going to college as well as studying abroad. Having opportunities like that makes me feel like my membership with the Credit Union is not only a fundamental part of my life, but an intricate part of my success.

Spencer Smith

Spence Smith

American Airlines Credit Union will be of significant importance in my life as I venture into independence both personally and financially. Although I am going to be a college freshman, I have realized that I have to be proactive instead of reactive with the decisions I make in my life, especially the financial decisions. The current state of our economy demonstrates a lack of education and advising which have led to bad decisions, the kind I hope to avoid by working with Credit Union advisors.

I believe financial success comes from trust in the relationship you build with those that are servicing your financial needs. The education provided by the Credit Union through its cent$TM magazine, education courses and its responsiveness to its member-owners will allow me to achieve financial independence and reach my personal goals. I will trust in American Airlines Credit Union for my future.